2020 dates for Day Retreat 'Treat Days' 9.30am-4.30pm, suitable for all ages and abilities, no previous experience required. Please note Gongs are not suitable for anyone with Epilepsy, Pacemaker, Menieres, 1st trimester pregnancy, recent surgery with metal in the body,  the Gong is usually the last part of the day, so you are welcome to join the rest of the day and leave just before the Gongs start, please let Laura know on booking.

Sat 21 March      Retreat Treat Day including  Breathwork (you will learn Yoga breathwoirk techniques to help reduce stress, improve wellbeing and feel good, seated on a chair, Yoga Nidra meditations, and Gongs, with lunch of course at Café 35, and afternoon tea and cake! £60 pp (No physical Yoga Asana practise on this one)

Sat 2 May    Spring Retreat Treat Day..a nice combination of Yoga, Breath work, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra meditations, and Gongs £60pp limited places.

Fri 19 June     Summer Solstice Treat Day....Bring some sunshine into your soul this day will include Kundalini Yoga, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra meditations, Breath work, lovely buffet lunch from Café 35 delivered to us at Red Hall, so that we can sit outside in the gardens to eat, and an afternoon Gong Bath meditation, £60pp limited places

Sat 26 Sept        Autumn Treat Day...... Morning Yoga, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra meditations, yummy lunch at Café 35, Breathwork you will learn Yoga breath work techniques to help reduce stress and improve wellness, and afternoon tea and cake, and then ending with a gorgeous Gong Bath! £60 pp limited places.