I was at a Yoga festival a few years ago and experienced a 'Gong Bath' for the first time, it was obvious from that day that Gongs were going to be a big part of my life, on returning from the festival I decided I would like to attend a Gong bath more often so started to search for some locally, only to find that there were none, but found a course instead, which was meant to be....the Gongs soon became an important and transformational part of my life and now I enjoy playing most days, and at least once a month, Laura's husband Jonnie also plays and has completed the Gong Practitioner training course too. 

The History of the Gong

Gongs have been used for many years, Gongs belong to the oldest and most important musical instruments of South East Asia. 

The existence of the gong dates back to the Bronze Age, around 3500 BC and the main gong producing areas were believed to be Burma, China, Java and Annam. 

Gongs were among the first musical instruments to be made and played by humans. Historically, used in public settings, often to announce the presence of a spiritual, religious or political leader. They originated in the Far East, where they have a long mystical and spiritual tradition.

 What can the Gongs do for me?

Gong Bath Meditations can bring deep relaxation, you can enter a place of 'non-thinking', it does not involve any exercise, the participant simply lays on a mat, (or you may bring a comfortable garden recliner chair if you prefer), we start the session with simple breathing techniques to help relax you, and drumming, which lead you into a pleasant relaxed state, you don't need to 'do' anything, just relax and just 'be'......

The Gongs are played by being 'striked' skillfully, by a variety of different mallets, and some of the sounds are very deep, rich, and resonate all the way through your body and mind, some are higher pitched, almost like underwater sounds, each person will interpret the experience differently. The participant can sit and watch or close their eyes and get comfortable. You can easily lose time in the meditation, the sounds and vibrations take you on a journey deep within, some people visualise colours, some hear other sounds, which is quite normal!, some experience tingling sensations within the body, this can be where blocked energy is being released, this can often happen to areas of the body which have been injured. 

The sound of the Gong is really only best received live, this is why I do not put any video recordings on.

The Gongs work to help clear blocked energy within you, your Chakras (energy centres) get a good cleanse, and most people usually come out with a very big smile, feel very relaxed and content, a lot of people report feeling more clarity, enthusiasm, creativity, and generally feeling more upbeat and happier, so this is a good therapy to invest in, the feelings can last for a few days, it is recommended to try once a month to keep 'topped up'!

Also, Gongs really help people that have sleep problems, it can really help, so well worth a try if you are an insomniac! and if you are working to break a habit or addiction, Gongs can be very useful too.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a comfortable (padded) mat ideally, or something to lay on, a small pillow or cushion, a blanket or 2, water to drink, and an Eye pillow if you wish to cover your eyes (if you have one), or a light scarf, some bring a favourite crystal or oil.

 *******Please arrive about 10 minutes before the start, to settle and get comfortable. Gong Bath Meditations are not suitable for anyone with Epilepsy, Pacemaker, 1st Trimester Pregnancy, recent surgery involving metal, Menieres, severe Tinnitus, severe mental health condition such as Schizophrenia, hearing aids off or out, ****** If unsure please contact Laura to discuss laurabyatt123@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon for more lifting Gong sessions....

COST £20pp, advance payment confirms your space, NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you have read the Contraindications before booking on, especially if booking for a friend. Book early to avoid disappointment, they are very popular!

2022 dates: 

At ESSENDINE VILLAGE HALL........   PE9 4LQ                                            At RED HALL, BOURNE, PE10 9LY

Fri 23 Sept 7.30pm **Autumn Equinox Gong**                                        Thu  15 Sept 7pm-8.45pm (arrive 6.50pm)

Fri 21 Oct 7.30pm Fri 18 Nov 7.30pm                                                      Thu 13 Oct 7pm-8.45pm (arrive 6.50pm)

Fri 9 Dec 7.30pm **Full Moon Gong**                                                     Thu 10 Nov 7pm-8.45pm (arrive 6.50pm)

****(arrive 7.20pm)                                                                                  Thu 15 Dec 7pm-8.45pm (arrive 6.50pm)


Fri 7th Oct 7.15pm-9pm £25pp Non-Members/£20 Members of Reform

Fri 11 Nov, 7.15pm-9pm £25pp Non-Members/£20 Members of Reform

Weds 21 Dec ***Winter Solstice Gong Meditation 7.30-9.15pm*** £25pp Non-Members/£20 Members