Breathing is natural for all of us, breath is life, without breath there is no life, most people do not connect with the breath daily on a more conscious level, this course will help you to raise your awareness with breathing patterns, and help feel more connected with your physical body and the mind. The breath is a powerful tool, it can tell us how we are coping, or not, and once you have mastered a few classical breath techniques and built some time each day for this to be practised, you will notice immense benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The course is on a Friday 10am-11.25am, at RED HALL, Bourne, starting Fri 31 Jan, for 6 weeks, Cost is £80, must be paid in full by 20 Jan to attend. Non refundable. You do need to attend all 6 weeks, and start on the first week. It will be done seated on a chair, there is no 'physical exercise', wear anything that is comfortable, please bring water or a drink, and a blanket to cover yourself to keep warm during relaxation. Feel free to bring nice warm socks too, a note book and pencil/pen if you like, handouts will be given to summarise the course and exercises to practise at home. Please let Laura know if you have any health problems before the start just so that Laura is aware, bring any inhalers if you are asthmatic. The room is up on the first floor at Red Hall, there are stairs, no lift I'm afraid so please be sure that you are OK with that, free and easy parking right outside of the building.

Full address: Red Hall, South St, Bourne, PE10 9LY (just opposite Bourne Fire Station/behind Jewsons)

The 6 weeks it will run@

31 Jan 2020

7 Feb

14 Feb

(off Half Term week)

28 Feb

6 March

13 March

If you cannot make this course but are interested, please register interest with Laura as there may be more later in the year running.

SAT 2ND MAY 2020 at Red Hall Bourne, 9.30am-5pm, 1 hour lunch (bring your own or pop out) £65, limited places

You will learn some really useful techniques and practises that will enhance your wellbeing, reduce stress, improve sleep, mood and lots more. No previous experience necessary. Some will be done seated, some may be done outside if its nice, and some will be done standing. You can bring a mat if you wish to lay down or sit down for some of it, and a blanket.

Non refundable. All welcome. Pls contact Laura to book 01778 393302 or email