Laura believes that everything happens for a reason, Laura discovered Yoga whilst recovering from a very serious back injury and spinal neuro surgery in 2009, often when life is at its most challenging times, that is when we find the true path, even if we can't see or understand it at that time

Laura found that Yoga helped her recover physically, mentally and emotionally, and loves that it can help so many people.

Yoga is about sharing knowledge, Laura's Yoga is spiritual, not too challenging physically, more of a wellbeing, holistic approach, a real encouragement to listen within, to ground, to feel in touch with yourself, and to give you tools for coping in every day life, to help live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Laura really enjoy using her life experiences  to help others, many people say that Laura's voice is why they come, it is naturally soothing and relaxing. 

Since 2011 Laura has been teaching Yoga to groups within the community, in and around Stamford and Bourne. The style of Yoga that Laura teaches is a slow, thorough, mindful, nurturing, following Patanjali's philosophy of the 8 limbs of Yoga, so each class includes Yama's (Ethical Considerations), Niyama's (Self Observation/Discipline), Pranayama (Breath control/Control of Life Force), Asana (Postures), Dharana (Concentration), Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal/Turning inward), Dhyana (Meditative Absorbtion), Samadhi (Enlightenment/Peace). Laura enjoys weaving colour into her Yoga sessions, working with the Chakras and plenty of guided visualisations, some Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), and Laura is Reiki attuned.

Laura has a passion for travelling and feels alive when she is by the ocean, Laura also likes to work with the elements in her classes, Yoga Days and Retreats. Laura feels that art and spending time alone is also important, feeling at one with yourself and giving yourself space to think, to be creative, and to 'just be'.

Laura is also a fully qualified Gong Practitioner, since 2016.  Gongs found Laura a few years agoat a Yoga festival, being fascinated by their mystery and uniqueness, and since then Gongs and Sound healing Meditations are a big part of Laura's life. You can read more about the Gongs on the 'Gongs' page! 

Laura believes that Yoga is for everybody, of any age, with any body, Yoga is so much more than downward dog, Tree pose and trying to do a handstand! In Laura's Yoga you will get a nice mixture of all of the 8 limbs of Yoga above, with a nurturing attitude, friendly, welcoming,non-judgemental, encouraging, and a reminder that Yoga is a 'practice', not perfection. Laura believes that keeping things simple, doing what you can, listen to your body, stay with your breath, be gentle on yourself, and do what you can on the day, all of that leads to that feeling of Oneness, the feeling we would all like more of, and with todays busy society, we all NEED... If you have never tried Yoga, please do, come to a class where you will be safe, guided and able to benefit from it physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why not treat yourself to a 'Yoga Day' - these days are easy going, you don't have to be uber fit, they have a little Yoga, a little meditation, something Art/crafty, a lovely buffet lunch and afternoon cake, usually Gong Yoga, and a Gong Meditation, everyone usually has a lovely day and feels great for coming. These days are at Red Hall in Bourne, 3-4 times a year and a couple of dates a year at Barnsdale Lodge, see 'retreat page' for more info.

Laura is also studying a degree in Psychology through Open University, for personal interest, the translation of Psychology is 'Mind Studies'. Laura also has 3 children,  a Great Dane, a St Bernard, and a husband! 

Laura goes to Rishikesh in Northern India once a year to stay in an Ashram and learn more, in Meditation, Yoga, Health and Wellness, Rishikesh is where the River Ganges flows through and is said to be the 'home of Yoga', for many years people from all over the world go to stay there and study/live in the many Ashrams, schools, of Yoga, and immerse into the many branches of Yoga.

Laura offers Reiki sessions which can be used for relaxation, wellbeing, or for helping with specific inbalances, health problems, illnesses, Laura is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and can come to your home to deliver the treatment, the session is £40 for the hour at your home, Laura will discuss with you your health, take notes and then you can get comfortable, and Laura will deliver the Reiki for approximately 40 mins, leaving 10 minutes before and afterwards for discussion, cost is £35 for Reiki session. You may wish to combine this with a Gong treatment straight afterwards, £65 for 1.5 hours of Reiki and Gong (40 mins Reiki followed by 45 minutes Gong meditation) Laura will help to relax you, set an intention, and you should feel wonderful at the end. You will need to have a suitable floor space area to accommodate space for a mat on the floor and a Gong, one Gong will be used in home visits. If more than 8 miles from the Bourne area a small charge for travel will be applied, please ask when booking for price.

Laura will soon be offering Voice meditations, with Sounds, to purchase on this website, to offer relaxation, grounding, peace, uplift, strength, nurturing, chakra balancing, wellness, you will be able to select which you would like to listen to as a download, work in progress and Laura will update you when it is on Sale.

Laura will also be completing Reiki Drumming in the next few months and looking forward to sharing this in the Gong Meditations and Retreat days etc.


Laura's Training/Qualifications:

Reiki 1  Reiki 2

Gong Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Pilates

Ayur Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

First Aid at Work

DBS checked

Laura is qualified and insured in everything that she offers, and continues to develop and learn.