I believe that everything happens for a reason, I discovered Yoga whilst recovering from a very serious back injury which required spinal neuro surgery in 2009, whilst living in Australia.  I really believe that when life is at its most challenging times, that is when we find our true path, even if we can't see or understand it at that time. The last 10 years for me have been deeply transformational, unexpected, and magical, I would never have believed what could happen within 10 years.

So, if you are reading this and it is your first encounter considering Yoga, it is probably the right time! Yoga is often discovered at the right time, to help you, and it can be used in so many ways to enhance your life, on the weeks when you are really good, and equally, importantly, when you are struggling, Yoga is always going to make you feel better. You should never think I can't go to Yoga today because I'm not feeling on top of the world or strong, this is EXACTLY when you should be going, and as with most things, its practice, its not Yoga perfection, its not handstand city, there is no showing off or selfies in my classes, it is for you to feel better in every which way possible, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for some.

Yoga is about sharing knowledge, my Yoga is spiritual, but non dogmatic, Yoga is not a religion, everyone is welcome, you do not have to do every part if there is something you are not comfortable with. It is not too challenging physically, more of a wellbeing, holistic approach, a real encouragement to listen within, to ground, to feel in touch with yourself, and to give you tools for coping in every day life, to help live a more peaceful and fulfilling life, which is really useful with how life is these days.

I have experienced quite a lot already on my life journey, I am mid forties now, including divorce, child death, miscarriages, close friends deaths, child additional needs, surgeries, I am familiar with what that can bring in the way of unwanted side effects, such as anxiety, depression, the rollercoaster, but, I really enjoy using life experiences to help others, many people say that my voice is naturally soothing, calming and relaxing, I am known for positivity, uplift and creating a safe and welcoming space to work in. 

Since 2011 I have been teaching Yoga to groups within the community, in and around Stamford and Bourne. The style of Yoga that I teach is a slow, thorough, mindful, nurturing, following Patanjali's philosophy of the 8 limbs of Yoga, so each class includes Yama's (Ethical Considerations), Niyama's (Self Observation/Discipline), Pranayama (Breath control/Control of Life Force), Asana (Postures), Dharana (Concentration), Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal/Turning inward), Dhyana (Meditative Absorbtion), Samadhi (Enlightenment/Peace). I enjoy weaving colour into sessions, working with the Chakras and plenty of guided visualisations, some Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), I am Reiki 2 attuned, quite intuitive, and I often include readings from poems or insights too.

I named the business 'Svatantrya Yoga with Laura' about 3 years ago when I felt strongly about sharing what the goal of my Yoga offers...….. the word 'Svatantrya' means, in Sanskrit, (a few different interpretations of it)...….'Self-dependency', or 'free will'...…..…. 'an energy that emanates from the supreme'...……... 'the unbounded freedom from standing on your own true path......….'your true self'......

I enjoy the Yoga Day Retreats too, I have about 3 a year held at Red Hall, Bourne, the days include gentle Yoga, choose an Energy card, relaxing Yoga Nidra meditations, Breath work, often a guest teacher doing Yoga Kundalini too, and a mellow Gong/Sound bath to end the day, with a lovely local lunch at a local café in Bourne, with teas and coffees available all day. For more info and when they are on please see the Day Retreats page.

I have a passion for travelling and have lived in California for a short time as a child, Crete in Greece for 4 years, Australia for 3 years, and plans to live once again by the ocean in maybe 7 years time, when the 3 children have finished their education in UK.  I feel alive when I am by the ocean and in the sun, I like simplicity, I like cooking, I like time alone...…..I feel it is really important to be comfortable with time alone, it is deeply healing, silence......I went to Rishikesh, India  'The homeland of Yoga' in 2019, something I had always wanted to do, just myself, for 2 weeks, and although it was daunting, I was soon OK, and had the most amazing time, staying at a Yoga school, I joined a group that were doing their month long Yoga teacher training, and I spent 2 weeks with them, the classes were very varied, quite strict, and it as interesting to see how it is taught by 'real' Indian teachers, and noticed the big difference in how we teach Yoga in the East, I also visited some beautiful temples, sat in an amazing, huge waterfall, where I can't even begin to explain what that did thundering down onto my head, neck and shoulders, spiritually unexplainable!, the monkeys, the birds, the river Ganges, the people, the cows, the local cheeky children, the driving, the tuk tuks, the food, the simplicity of life, the whole experience was life-changing, it did take me some time to feel adjusted when I came back to home, and normal life, I highly recommend a trip like this to anyone considering it. 

Gongs - another thing I did not expect I would be doing for my 'job'! whilst I was at a fun Yoga festival with friends a few years ago, we had the opportunity to attend a 'Gong Bath' which we were giggling about and didn't really know what it was all about, then when I walked into the area it was being held at, Wow, just seeing them all there, this lady had about 16 planetry Gongs, they were just amazingly beautiful, lots of people wanted to ask her things and touch them, and their mystery and science really got my attention, I settled in and made myself comfortable for the evening session, afterwards I slept so thoroughly, and felt positive, uplifted the next day, the following 2 days I got more experiences of the Gongs in a Kundalini Yoga class, and other sessions, so by the end of the festival, I left thinking I will be looking up where I can attend another one of these Gong baths when I return home, which I did, but could not find any, but, I kept coming across a training course for it, and particularly for Yoga teachers, and it was near me, and quite soon, so, cut a long story short, I ended up doing the course, when I arrived I did think what am I doing, I don't know anything about these Gongs, but after a residential week long course, with a great teacher, we had studied them day and night, I left there, raring to go, in awe of the power of the Gongs, and couldn't wait to buy my first Gong, which I did, and was very soon running basic Gong meditations for small groups, which has grown, as has my Gong collection, most of my earnings from the last 3-4 years has gone back into buying the Gongs, to build a collection that offers a range of sounds, I have a Paiste Sun Gong, Meinl Flower of Life Gong, Paiste Mercury Gong, Nepalese Chau Gong which is made from melted down old singing bowls in Nepal, a Sun Wind Gong, and a Paiste Brilliant Symphonic, they are all different, and they all offer us different things, the great thing is you don't usually get the same experience in a Gong meditation, the planets, Sun, Moon all have an effect on your experience too, so if you haven't been to a Gong session yet, I'd highly recommend. I run the sessions with my husband Jonnie who has also completed the same Gong training as myself, he is well known for playing the Shruti box, an ancient Indian traditional instrument, a beautiful sound, to welcome you in and out of the session, and we both drum, the drum is used often at the beginning once everyone is settled in, to start your grounding and begin your meditational journey, other things we use in our sessions are Singing bowls, traditional and Crystal, bells, chimes, Rain stick, shells, the frog!, and smaller sound healing tools that we collect when we are travelling. I direct positive Reiki energy through the Gongs in our sessions, I am thankful for the last 4 years of my life with the Gongs, I invite you to book on a session, please read the Contraindications before you book, to be safe. I am planning to keep adding to my Gong collection, roughly one a year, or until we can't fit any more into our 'Gong vehicle'!!

The venue we use, Uffington village hall, has a lovely floor, it is wooden and it has a void underneath it, so the vibrations here are just wonderful, they resonate and massage inside and out, everyone really enjoys this venue. You need to bring a mat, small pillow, blanket (s),or in cooler months a sleeping bag/ or small duvet, an eye pillow if you have one, or a light scarf to cover your eyes, water to drink, and wear whatever you like, something you can relax in, not too tight!

I have a passion for learning (later in life!), in Autumn 2020 I'm doing The Reiki Drumming Technique course and I'm looking forward to sharing this in the Gong Meditations and Retreat days etc where we can go on a Drum Journey, as part of the meditation experience.

I have a special interest in Breath work, and the power of it, In 2019 I completed a specialist course in Yoga breath work techniques and their application, you can expect plenty of Breath work in my weekly Yoga classes, I also have a voice recording of 'Breathwork with Laura' to buy which comes via email on Google drive, for £10.

I have now completed a 100 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher course which took several months, I am working on recording some of these relaxing meditations, these are for Sale at £7 each, again they come via email, a voice recording, via Google drive to download and enjoy listening to whenever you like.

I am  starting a part timestudy with Open University, a Bsc Degree in Health Sciences in 2020, for personal interest.

*********************TO CONTACT LAURA  email: laurabyatt123@gmail.com   OR    01778 393302 (leave a message) ***************


Laura is qualified and insured in everything that she offers, and continues to develop and learn and attends CPD workshops each year.